10 years ago. A New Revelation….Time flies, Time changes, Yet change is the most wonderful and powerful phase anyone can come across to…….

Went to pick up my stepson from school. Had a little chat with him about my old friend. An old friend who texted me for he had gone to the army at 18. After we graduated high school, we had departed. Since then I can say, I barely had a friend like him. My dad had passed away that same year of colon cancer. That pain really hurt me. It bursted an image that today I acknowledge what i have become, just dazing out on the thought that I am still here. I was not what I am now, all about Holistic healing treatments. I was leading my life towards some bad steps. Heavy Drugs, heavy alcohol, not feeding my body what it demanded, but what my habits was craving. I was going through a phase of change, a change I recall so vivid, a change that had me flabbergasted. Overwhelmed. All in one. Finding out my old Girlfriend dumped me. Can Remember the love i had for her, we were neighborhood kids in love. I guess once you get older the same habits change. And change is good, as long as you know how to accept it. Our love had drifted. All of these had me gasping for air, so I tripped on what I thought made me feel amazing. The drugs are not what I thought ill be hooked on. I have seen my 2 brothers abuse it, I would stay in my lane, I would go to sleep first, before them, so I would not get tempted. But my life got real heavy, my shoulders could not bare the weight pressing me down, and I wanted out, this emotional and spiritual dis alignment.

I got hooked on pot at 18. I dint care of anything. Except the love and respect I had for my mother. The more I did it, the more I can see my loving mother tell me,

” Son, don’t cry, I am here now. Did you know as they operated my pancreas, I had a dream of you”

My mom had a tumor growing, luckily it got detected early. The consequences was minor. She had replied to me, those words to me, of a dream she had, once she was in surgery. That was very peaceful, to hear. You see I was 10 years old. I was always next to my mom and followed her everywhere in the kitchen, I looked up to her. I always had a caring and loving side of me, just like hers. But flashing back here blogging this. I am 29 now. I took the steps to better my life at 21. At that age, my beautiful daughter was born, Shayla. My princess. My love. My porcelain doll. Blonde hair, goldy locks, deep blue/gray eyes just like that of my grandma. Truth to say, her mother and I, had separated from what I thought would be my family tree. Me and her mom went our ways after we couldn’t fix our anger and what pain we went through. We were so different, we grew up to fast and our love was but a pass time…

For 2 years i fell in a depression. Torn inside to see different step dads coming out her life. My daughter kept my soul alive. I worked 2 jobs and went to night classes to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. I worked as a cake decorator on Roeser’s Bakery. A bake shop were the show Bozo, the clown had his cakes and pies made. I also worked as a chef and a Houseman in Hilton hotel, downtown Chicago.

I always had a passion for food and cakes. The variety of colors in fruits and vegetables, the types of oils, condiments and meats.
That year of 2014, I found my sister had colon cancer. And so that’s were this Holistic, Natural me, came to be born. I graduated Massage school and started working towards building my out call base clientel. Incorporated an organic system in my life and consumed it slowly, yet increasing more meals and food shopping at wholefoods was all i looked up to.

Why? Because I was feeling myself once again. The departure that separated me from my dad was something I think now and it drifts me to a right direction. I can honestly say, that 100% Organic Wholefoods and wholefood supplements with teas, herbs and Essential oils, is what reborn my torn spirit. I remember and still am, getting excited to go whole food grocery shopping. I love a variety of fruits. My favorite is Blueberries. Love it in my morning smoothie with flax seeds, a teaspoon of maca powder, some Pea Protein, with some Kale, spinach, a frozen banana, a tablespoon of almond butter and some vanilla almond milk. All organic of course. A morning mens multivitamin supplement, some coral calcium from Japan is the top best. In the afternoon I take a tablespoon of Royal Jelly.

It gives me so much energy and somehow it balances your hormones. With your hormones off balanced or low sperm count, a woman and man will find themselves not wanting to go on with there day. Your hormones is the transfusion of connecting with a man or woman. Its the vibes, the goosebumps that gives you the eccentric, dynamic effects of reaching with the most high. Where you strive and push yourself further then what you thought you had in you. This needs to be balanced. Royal jelly and maca powder will sure do the trick. Everything takes some time to adjust and for your body to come back better then it once was. But taking the first step in changing one food from chemicals to organically grown fresh.

Don’t get overwhelmed if you don’t know were to start or how. Just start with your breakfast, by incorporating some fresh organic whole eggs, some whole wheat bread with seeds in them. Avocado, tomatoes, and you can make a healthy omelet with sweet potatoes and some spinach in them. So tasty. Not to mention,very very healthy.

By switching my diet, I started to notice my depression fading. My thoughts were directed to only doing better for my physical self, that even my emotional and spirit started to get balanced and i started to feel beyond what I ever felt. That’s why, I emphasize how marvelous these foods are. Price can be steeped, yes a bit pricey at times, but what matters the most, to act now and change what you eat and watch your illness heal, your symptoms fade, or let a surgeon burn or cut a body part that could’ve been healed by simply giving your body what it was meant to do and let it heal itself with the help of your daily healthy routines.

I can honestly say my life is full of better surprises and that I have a better control of, I once controlled my past, now this present as I meditate towards my future…..

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